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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sounds Familiar...

From wikipedia, about zealots: "The zealots were a... sect... founded against Qurinius' tax reform... [they] say that God is to be their only Ruler and Lord".

...some things never change. Of course there are differences: the Roman taxes really were highly oppressive and the Romans, who famously did nothing for us, really were a government which, as far as Judea was concerned at any rate, was a government of "taxation without representation".

Is attachment to liberty a bad thing? Certainly not. But the problem is that love of liberty all too often is used merely as an excuse for sheer narcissism. The zealots, as is well known, didn't only fight the Romans; they were also terrorists who assassinated any Jew who they saw as a "traitor", which meant any Jew who considered war against Rome a bad idea. It wasn't "love of liberty" that was their motivation, it seems -- but love of themselves and intoleration to any opposite view. The result was as one would have expected: the zealots brought on the Jews an unmitigated disaster -- a war against the Roman empire, due to the belief that God is on their side and therefore they cannot lose, no matter what the objective facts are.

This sort of magical thinking -- common to many fanatical people throughout history, sometimes resulting in victory due to higher morale but, all too often, leading to catastrophe -- is typical of tax protesters, as well. Neither are real patriots, but narcissists who usually bring disaster on themselves and others, when reality stubbornly refuses to fit their ego-inflating fantasy of being one of the chosen.

Compare both groups to some real patriots, like the American founding fathers. First of all their goal was, however daring, realistic: they could, and did, actually defeat Britain. Second, their goal was liberty, not self-important revenge: no American was ever killed for being a British sympathizer, and after independence a general forgiveness of all those who were neutral or even wanted to remain part of the British Empire was declared. Just because they were relaistic moderates (well, compared to the zealots...) hardly means the American founding fathers were not lovers of liberty!

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At February 8, 2012 at 1:03 PM , Blogger Bob Hurt said...

How do you know what zealots of 1968 years ago thought about God? Tax protesters don't swoop down from the hills and sack villages as the zealots did. So, I think you have your metaphor convoluted and confused.

But you could ocmpare the bloodthisty ruthlessness of Vespasian's legions to the IRS of today. The IRS does destroy the wealth of many innocent people through theft (Lien, levy) and imprisonment, not to mention harassment and invasion of privacy.

Let us take their paramount tool, the so-called 6020b substitute return which they implement as an unauthorized computer freeze code, and their tampering with the record by entry of a substitute FOR return 1040 with value 0, unsworn in violation of 7806, all to trigger a bogus assessment. Do you call that lawful or fair or anything BUT a mafia/nazi technique to foul up an administrative process so as to steal money from people who don't owe it?

Or how about the elimination of district directors in 2000 in spite of tax law requiring them in the line of delegation of authority for collecting taxes, and then the subsequent IRS collection of taxes without chain of authority? Does or doesn't the law matter to the IRS and the in the DOJ and courts who enable them?

"Lucy, you got som 'splainin' to do."

Back to your Metaphor, the IRS is the Zealot faction, the Roman legions are the courts and doj attorneys and jailors, and the innocent, hapless Jews are the people of America.

It would not surprise me to learn that Vespasian sent operatives in among the Zealots and Jews to stir up more trouble so as to justify the invasion. Have you read of the Secret Cash Awards government bigwigs use to bribe people in the IRS, DOJ and COurts?

Have you received any such bribe money for your Quatloos work?

At October 10, 2013 at 12:53 PM , Blogger Fred Ustinov said...

Most "Tax Protesters" I know are humble as hell and they love Liberty. Liberty is, in fact, their primary motivation against the IRS (British Empire). Now we have an IRS actively oppressing "Patriot" groups at the behest of our "Dear Leader". He sounds more like the Tyrant King of England every day!
(Wages do not fall into the legal definition of "income" BTW- Look it UP!)

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