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Thursday, August 4, 2016


Image Credit: Baron David Ward's Facebook page

Above is the passport of David Ward, who likes to call himself "Baron David Ward". Naturally he is one of those "sovereign citizens" who, of course, considers himself -- as a Baron -- immune to the law. Incidentally, there is a David Ward who really is a peer, the Earl of Dudley, and Barons and Peers are subject to the law, but never mind.

From what one can understand from his blog, he had freed himself from the evils of the illegal corporate UK government by sending a bunch of self-made documents to the Queen, she had not replied, and therefore he decided that he had "won" by forfeit and she admits all that he claimed to be in those documents.

This sort of thing is rather common among the sovereign citizens' movement -- both the declaration of being not subject to the law and the claim that if some authority figure had not replied to one's letters they "agree" to whatever the letters say about one's sovereignty, freedom from taxes, or whatnot.

But this one is even weirder than the usual. First of all he is the Baron "Off" the House of Ward "Off" the Warrington Burg. He claims to be dyslectic, but you'd think that he would at least check the spelling twice on such an important document. Also, the code at the bottom of his self-made passport appears to be, for some strange reason, a widely-pirated activation key for Office 2007. He also photoshopped himself as he wants the world to see him:

Sovereign Citizens' self-made documents and claims are often incoherent, but seldom like this.



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At December 15, 2021 at 2:25 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

The proof of the pudding is that David Ward won his case against Warrington Council !
Not mentioned though, in his character assassination.

He can call himself what the hell he chooses, and why not, the tyrannical Edward Mandel House (adviser to Woodrow Wilson gave himself a Colonelship, yet he never served in any military so was never elevated to the position of rank based on any commission or any heroism.

The state enforced a fictional name on DAVID WARD at his birth, without his knowledge and without his consent, giving him a fictional name, enrolling him, whilst a baby, into a corporate debt slavery program creating him as a limited liability company.

A form of child abuse, and yet another strand of paedophilia, by the nurturing of the child into adulthood slavery. But I suppose that's ok for the gate keepers whom help perpetuate the tyranny and treason on the people.

Their days are numbered as the world awakens.

J Palmer


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