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Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to Quatloos! Version 3.0

In the beginning and somewhere around 1997, there was an Oklahoma attorney (Yours Truly) who just happen to mention something on his legal website about offshore investment scams. The inquiries that the Oklahoma attorney received and his time in responding was driving him batty, so he decided to create a small website to give plain information on these scams in the hopes that people would leave him alone and not ask stupid questions, such as "Is that deal in Grenada where I can make a 40% weekly guaranteed return on my mone for real?"

Thus begat Quatloos! Version 1.0. The first version was pretty bland, but after a few tries a pirate theme was adopted that persists to this day. The website became a niche favorite, and won some awards. The Oklahoma attorney was even invited to testify before Congress about schemes, scams, and cons.

Just forward to 2002, and the questions and comments had gone from a few a day to a deluge. It was frankly impossible for any one person to keep up. Thus, a discussion forum was created where some folks could ask questions, and other folks could answer them. Scam artists even made it to the board to argue that was they were doing was legal, and sometimes even try to pitch their investments to others. A small army of volunteers arose to ridicule them. And, thus, Quatloos! Version 2.0 became popular as a discussion board.

But now it is 2008, and the main Quatloos! board has fallen into disrepair for the simple reason that it is TOO BIG and has far too many pages to be manageable on anything like a day-to-day basis without the sizeable staff that our paltry non-profit organization totally lacks. Just figuring out where a single new .html page should go, and creating basic links to it, now takes a couple of hours.

Therefore, be it resolved that the following changes will take place:

(1) The existing Quatloos main pages will be moved into the background, into a section called Ye Olde Quatloos! These pages will stil be on the server for research and archival purposes.

(2) Quatloos! main pages will convert to Blog pages, and volunteers will be sought to daily add stories and commentaries on various scams and related topics.

(3) The Discussion boards will be expanded to include forums for specific large scams, for instance, the Madoff hedge fund/pyramid scheme will be given its own forum.

As always, your comments are greatly welcomed to me at jayadkisson >[at]< gmail.com

Your most humble and obedient servant,

~ Jay


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