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Friday, May 20, 2011

Wrapping Yourself in the Flag

There is the old saying that "wrapping yourself in the flag" is the way to get suckers to believe you are doing something for unselfish, patriotic reasons, when in reality you're just promoting yourself.

One example is this man -- who moved from homeless taxi driver to multi-millionaire, according to the stories (hey, and he wouldn't lie about that, now would he?). Now he wants to help you succeed, and achieve the American dream. Of course the way to do this is the usual "magical nostrums" MLM company, among other things. By the way -- a 60-capsule box of these magical pills (Omega-3 oil) costs somewhere between one and a half to two and a half times as much as competing non-MLM brands -- depending if you have the distributor's "special discount" or not.

No wonder he recommends, as a selling point, to tell people not "how much it costs, but how much it is worth -- after which the price will look very low!". But if he is such a succesful millionaire, why does he need to keep giving motivational seminars and recommend that people hawk overpriced MLM products as a road to riches?


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