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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vote For Me Yourself, and Bring 80 Others Who Will Do the Same...

You know the political party you founded is in trouble when, in the founding ceremony, you have to resort to MLM BS mathematics to encourage the faithful.

Israeli politician Ehud Barak had recently founded a new political party, Atzmaut [Independence]. In the founding ceremony [link in Hebrew], he said (my translation):
In this room there are only 80 people... but if each one of them brings 80 people, and so on, we will get 20 mandates [out of 120 in the Israeli Parliament]. 
Barak's math is slightly off. If things do in fact go "and so on" four times, they will have not 20 mandates -- about 1,000,000 votes in Israel -- but 40,000,000+ votes. Unfortunately Israel's entire population is about 7,500,000.

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Clown... er, MLM College

Well, it had to happen. A college is now offering a degree in Multi-Level Marketing. (Hat tip: Doc Bunkum on the Quatloos! forum).

From the article:
Will this new program boost enrollment at Bethany? The college currently enrolls just 592 students. But if 10 percent of those students enroll in the network marketing major — and they recruit 10 of their friends, and each of those friends recruits 10 of their friends … move over Harvard?

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