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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The MLM Plague Abroad

Well, MLMs are arriving all over the world. Guess what? As in the USA, they too are dealing mostly with "lotions and potions" which are ludicrously overpriced.

Here, for example, is an Israeli one. It is the usual scam: there are no salesmen or workers, there are only "executives". Which, in this context, is a nice word for "salesmen who work for free". (But hey, you rather be an up-and-coming executive than one of those lousy salesmen or exploited workers, now wouldn't you?). There is tons of talk about "the environment" and "health" (they're doing this to save the world, you see). Of course the web site is full of talk about the "business opportunity".

But, naturally, no mention of the prices of the stuff they sell.

Well, small-minded dream-stealer that I am, I happen to know what the price is, from a personal acquaintance who was propositioned by a new "executive" of this (or perhaps a similar) MLM. A litre (a little more than a quart) of their noni juice is now promoted @ 150 N.I.S. per litre

Currently, the most expensive fruit juice I could find in an Israeli supermarket costs about 20 N.I.S. per litre (link in Hebrew to a site which compares prices). Most cost 10-15 per litre. Soft drinks cost about 5 N.I.S. per litre.

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