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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kiyosaki: Don't let Logic Stop you from Getting Rich!

Well, what do you know. Robert Kiyosaki, the world's worst financial adviser (but the world's best self-publicist), gave an interview to an Israeli Financial Newspaper in 2007.

While the above quote doesn't appear literally in the interview, it follows from what he says. The link is in Hebrew, so here are some gems. What is amazing is that just about everything he says is either a logical contradiction, or a tautology, or just plain wrong.

Here are some contradictions from the article:

Rule 8 "for getting rich": "take care of yourself first, of your bills later".
Rule 9: "don't get into debt".

Rule 1: "Real estate is an asset, it creates income".
Rule 2: "Owning a house is a liability, it creates expenses".

"I'm an investor. Real investors always know what will happen".
"Oil will soon reach $200 a barrel".
"I don't see the big deal about the social networks on the Internet".

"People need to invest in real estate and metals."
"You should not listen to investment advisers."

Here are some tautologies, and/or meaningless cliches:

"Want to be rich? Learn from rich people."
"Wise financial and personal management are important for success."
"You need to decide if you want to be rich or poor."
"Rich people let money work for them".

All this -- and there's more -- in a two-page interview.


People actually pay this guy money to tell them this sort of worthless pap? How about flipping a coin?


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