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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sovereign Citizen Cut-Out Kit

Credit: www.amazon.com

Amazon.com will sell, apparently, anything.

One of their interesting items is a Sovereign Citizen's Cut-Out Kit. All you have to do is but the kit, cut out the material, stick it in all kinds of places in your home, wallet, car, etc. -- and you are tax-free, do not have to get a driver's license, and in general have it made.

But aren't cut-out kits usually toys for children who use them to recreate fantasies? Well, indeed they are. Amazon's other cut-out books offer, are, almost exclusively, of that sort. Here is where, ranked by popularity, one finds the Sovereign Citizen's Cut-Out Kit when one searches for "cut out kit" items in "books":

Other items on the list are similar to the first and last item here: e.g., cut-out doll houses, haunted houses, dragons, etc. Of course, the other manufacturers do not imply that, once you are done building their kit, you will own an actual Roman amphitheatre or old-fashioned carousel. The only item to make (or strongly imply) such a preposterous claim -- that once you're done playing with their kit, you really will be a "Sovereign Citizen" -- is the Sovereign Citizen's Cut-Out Kit.

This certainly shows something about the mental and emotional level of maturity of the average "Sovereign Citizen".

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Is Anyone Surprised... ?

Image Credit: Illuminutti (well worth visiting)

...that Kevin Trudeau, the serial scammer who had recently been sentenced to 10 years in jail for stealing millions, was involved -- naturally, as the guy at the top -- in an MLM venture, ITV Direct Inc.? Or that, more generally speaking, one MLM after another is being prosecuted as a pyramid scheme -- which, of course, they all are? The last link, incidentally, takes you to an excellent anti-MLM blog.

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