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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sovereign Citizens -- the Parade of Idiots

Image credit: from here.

Okay, the title is a bit unfair -- some of them aren't idiots per se, but "true believers". That as it may be, to get an idea how well the "sovereign citizens" actually manage in real life, just go to Youtube and enter "Sovereign Citizen" in the search box. What will you get?

Some videos about what sovereign citizens are like; some videos of sovereign citizens complaining about how they are mistreated; and... numerous videos of these people getting arrested, tased, handcuffed, denied bail, put in prison, etc., etc. -- for trying their idiot theories in real life.

Perhaps it isn't representative. Perhaps many people like to blow smoke online / in print on how they sovereigns, Freemen on the Land, non-14th-amendment-citizens, and the like, but once they get in trouble their lawyers talks some sense into them, so those in the videos -- the ones who go full sovereign, so to speak -- may well represent the most intractable sovereigns.


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