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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Peter of England, Flat-Earther

Credit: Peter of England's facebook page, Aug. 20th, 2016

Y'all are not going to believe this, but Peter of England, or more accurately Allan Peter Smith, has finally found the real culprits behind all the evil things going on in the world. It is BIG GLOBE: the dark evil forces that convinced us the Earth is a sphere, when THE TRUTH(TM) is that it is flat. There is a video saying so right on youtube, so it must be true!

It is THEM(TM), notes his Facebook post, who are the real reason justice does not exist, politics are unfair, elections are rigged, Hillary Clinton will (apparently) die before Jan. 2017, and, oh, incidentally, nobody will accept his fake bank's "checks", nor his fake "credit cards", nor his imaginary "Re" currency -- not even himself. (Yes, for some reason, Peter demands his followers pay him in Sterling, not in "Re").

Still, there is no doubt the "Re", Peter's invented currency, is a good investment. In these troubled times, it remained steady against all major currencies: it is still worth exactly as much as it was worth six month or a year ago: 0.0000000 Sterling, 0.0000000 USD, 0.0000000 Euro, etc. You just can't argue with that track record.

I suppose his little scam has just about ran its course, and even his most dim-witted, naive, or desperate ex-followers had finally realized the WeRe "checks" and "credit cards" are worthless, and Peter is just a two-bit scammer. Peter decided, it seems, to go out in a blaze of glory.

Either that, or the "Flat Earth" schtick is what con men call the "blow off" -- ending the scam once it was milked dry, by getting rid of the marks (victims), preferably without them even realizing that they were scammed. Perhaps Peter is trying to get his victims to believe that his "bank" failed because he is insane, getting them to pity him, instead of realizing the truth: that he was, of course, out to scam them from the start.


So, is the Earth flat? Short answer: NO. Long answer: more interesting than you might expect.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016


Image Credit: Baron David Ward's Facebook page

Above is the passport of David Ward, who likes to call himself "Baron David Ward". Naturally he is one of those "sovereign citizens" who, of course, considers himself -- as a Baron -- immune to the law. Incidentally, there is a David Ward who really is a peer, the Earl of Dudley, and Barons and Peers are subject to the law, but never mind.

From what one can understand from his blog, he had freed himself from the evils of the illegal corporate UK government by sending a bunch of self-made documents to the Queen, she had not replied, and therefore he decided that he had "won" by forfeit and she admits all that he claimed to be in those documents.

This sort of thing is rather common among the sovereign citizens' movement -- both the declaration of being not subject to the law and the claim that if some authority figure had not replied to one's letters they "agree" to whatever the letters say about one's sovereignty, freedom from taxes, or whatnot.

But this one is even weirder than the usual. First of all he is the Baron "Off" the House of Ward "Off" the Warrington Burg. He claims to be dyslectic, but you'd think that he would at least check the spelling twice on such an important document. Also, the code at the bottom of his self-made passport appears to be, for some strange reason, a widely-pirated activation key for Office 2007. He also photoshopped himself as he wants the world to see him:

Sovereign Citizens' self-made documents and claims are often incoherent, but seldom like this.


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