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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Denver Fenton Allen's Light-Hearted Banter with Judge Bryant Durham

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Believing that one is immune to the law, and can make all kinds of threats and leave the court at will, can be rather dangerous to all concerned. Recently, a court case between the two individuals named above ended rather abruptly after Mr. Allen decided to 'hold himself in contempt', as he put it, by cursing at the judge, threatening to expose himself in court, and finally threatening to kill the judge's family. The quatloos! thread in the link has the photo above, as well.

To be fair, the latter threat was probably not meant too seriously, but only as part of the tactic to get himself held in contempt, since after threatening to kill the judge's children and being notified that he has no children, Allen declared that, in that case, he will kill the judge's grandchildren.

The judge, understandably, was not amused and probably rattled by Allen's antics. At any rate he said, among other things, that Mr. Allen looks like a homosexual. When Allen objected that he shouldn't call him names in court, the judge declared that he didn't say Allen is homosexual, but only that he looks like one. You can always tell when someone has a legally-trained mind, used to making fine distinctions, I suppose.

Of course, the judge did not reach that conclusion out of thin air. Allen had previously declared, in the attempt to hold himself in contempt, that he has sexual preferences that make the judge's opinion, let us say, rather reasonable. Among other things Allen compared his (own) anatomy to that of a well-known barnyard animal.

The (very NSFW) trial transcript is here. The creators of Rick and Morty had somehow heard of this case, and had created a cartoon version of the court transcript. It is very much NSFW, of course, but well worth watching. We emphasize that they added nothing. Rick and Morty are simply saying the official court transcript word for word. We pity the poor stenographer (who, incidentally, has a cameo non-speaking appearance in this video).


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