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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Israeli (Kinda/Sorta) Freemen

Credit: See Below

Curiously, there are also freemen in Israel. The above banner is from the following web page, where Eyal Lior proudly proclaims his 'Project no State in Israel', with the subheading stating  'A government is a gang of murderers, thieves and liars, no service or product should be forced on you at gunpoint'.

...but don't hold back, Mr. Lior, tell us how you really feel about the government.

While the ideology is not 100% "freemen", so far as I can tell, e.g., not having anything about the birth bond conspiracy theories, Magna Carta, etc., it is so extremely anarchist so as to amount, in effect, to the same thing.

The crucial point is that Lior does not merely believe, like anarchists on the one hand and Ayn Rand on the other, that the (or any) government is evil and should be dismantled. He thinks that he can, single-handedly, declare that it has been dismantled, and that he does not have to pay taxes, social security, etc. Apparently Rand was a wishy-washy wimp in her views about the government; Lior sets her straight.

Worst of all, he gives "legal advice" to clients suckers on how to not pay taxes, not pay traffic tickets, etc. No doubt, Israeli bureaucracies (like those everywhere) being what they are, he may well occasionally "win" for a client a remission of minor traffic fines or the like, just so that the clerk involved will not have to deal with this nudnick. But it needs not be explained here what trouble he can get his clients into.

Especially amusing is his 'deceleration of cowardice'  (lit. 'of fear') which he suggests attaching to all government forms, payments, licences, etc., so as to then sue the state for damages (good luck, kiddo). In this commendably brief form (a few lines; link in Hebrew), the undersigned declares that one is paying or requesting a license to do something because one is 'terrified by the power of the state'. Anarchists are at least better at self-mockery than "real" freemen.



At April 9, 2017 at 6:16 AM , Blogger עורך הבלוג said...

Hey Avital, thanks for writing about me! I'm flattered!

Today I've addressed some of the things you write here, which you seem to have gotten wrong about me and what I do--so check out my latest episode of the No-State-Project-Israel (www.EyalLior.com / www.NoStateProject.co.il).

I would also like to invite you to call my (live) show and debunk me, if you can. We can do this on my show, or on any other live show that you want and can arrange us to appear on. I also invite and actually officially *challenge* you to answer 5 basic questions about *your* "philosophy" and belief in a "State". You can do it either in English (www.government-on-trial.com) or in Hebrew (www.government-on-trial.co.il). Consider yourself challenged :)

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