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Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Harm 'Freemen' do.

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It is well known that so-called 'Freemen' tend to congregate into self-reinforcing echo chambers, where they pretend they are just about to "win" against the "evil system". So long as they only harm themselves, one may wonder what harm they do to others.

Well, here is an example. The above screenshot is taken from a Facebook group dedicated to the Freemen "philosophy" -- everything is a contract, you do not have to consent to laws you dislike, your "strawman" JOHN SMITH is not the same as the "real flesh and blood, living soul, human being" John Smith (or John: Smith, John of the family Smith, etc.), and so on. I am not giving its name to not give it free publicity.

An obviously desperate woman, Tina Bell, wants help. Her son was sentenced to federal prison -- and, as another post by her made clear, got 115 (!) years: in effect, life in prison. What is her 'remedy', she wants to know.

For Freemen (see link above) 'remedy' does not mean 'what can I do to help my son'. It means, 'what magic words should I tell the judge to make my son go free on the spot'. Well, there isn't one, of course. But Ruiz Michael and Conor Duke-- the most active members of the group -- gives her all kind of totally nonsensical advice.

The connection of both to reality can be noted by the fact that, based on other postings, Conor is currently "almost ready" with the paperwork to serve a billion-dollar lien on a traffic cop because of a traffic stop, while Ruiz is trying to find the "secret way" that will allow him to find the number of his "secret birth bond" bank account based on his Social Security number. Perhaps it is the number without the dashes? He asks.

If Ms. Bell does the right thing and goes to a real lawyer who specializes in post-conviction work, she may indeed help her son. (To be fair, another person posting in the group suggested this, giving contact information to an organization that helps family members of convicts find such lawyers). If, however, she follows these two idiots -- not other word fits, frankly -- and floods the courts with this Freeman nonsense, she may well both whatever chance her son had for ever seeing the light of day again.

But what do these "Freemen" care? It's all just an ego trip for them. They do not give a damn about either Bell or her son.


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