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Monday, January 29, 2018

"Coming together as a people".

From the comments on this blog supporting the "article 61" nonsense which allegedly allows people to "rebel" against the (UK) government and not pay taxes or bills: 

"It is NOT to be used for not paying taxes, but instead to unify. That's always the answer in the end, to come togeather as the people. Our. Ancestors knew that coming together is the only solution."

Nonsense. All these "rebels" care about is how to get out of paying this or that "illegal" bill or tax. Of course, they think other people should pay taxes - otherwise, where will their welfare benefits (they're virtually all chronically unemployed) come from?

Incidentally, it is cute how these brave rebels are certain the evil, illegal, tyrannical government will just continue to provide them with housing, income, medical care, etc., etc., as they "rebel" against it. They're like seven year old's who declare they're running away, until they get hungry or tired, and ask mommy to make them dinner and fix their bed.

Most of these "rebels" wouldn't last a month without mommy, the government, providing them with the necessities of life (and quite a few luxuries, at least by international standards). 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

English "Freemen" Make the Big Time

Source: Graham Moore's Facebook page.

Meet Graham Moore and the White Dragons -- yet another group of  English "Freemen" who think they need not pay taxes, obey the law, get a license or registration for their car, etc. because all such laws are a "fraud" by a "fake" government, and that the only laws they need to obey are those in 'common law' (not that they know what common law is) or the Magna Carta (13th century). All other laws somehow don't count, so, in short, that they can do what they want. The Magna Carta doesn't mention you have to get motor vehicle insurance, now does it? 

Naturally, as Moore's web page show, they think the UK government is legitimate is that they have not woken up to the huge world-controlling conspiracy where the usual suspects (The UN, the Illuminati, the Rotschilds, etc.) direct everything behind the scene. 

As the thread linked to shows, they have decided to fight the tyranny of the UK government and had made a cunning plan for a people's revolution! They are going to take back control! Operation Earthquake will have all those treason committing MPs arrested! 

Well, to my and most people's surprise, they actually did try to do it. They have interrupted a speech by London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, bringing along their handy-dandy mobile gallows to show they mean business against all those "traitors" they have "convicted" using "common law".

This was reported (see link) in major news organizations, such as Newsweek. Naturally, Khan was not arrested, and the fact that they declared they were 'standing under common law' and that if anybody touches them they will be 'done for common [law] assault' didn't stop the security guards from throwing them out of the meeting. 

I must admit that making the national and international news, even as loonies, is way more than I thought they are capable of. Usually such "revolutions" end up with five guys showing up in the local pub and/or fast-food joint and declaring the revolution had started, or ranting on a street corner next to Buckingham palace or some other "symbol of tyrrany" of the sort. 

One thing does annoy me, however: the reports all concentrated on the fact that they are Trump supporters and 'far-right'. They are both, but a little digging -- such as visiting the quatloos! forum -- would have helped the reporters find out the relevant information that they are not just pro-Trump or far-right, but in particular 'Freemen' who think everybody they don't like is a traitor. 

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