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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Comic Relief

Image credit: Peter of England's Youtube channel

If you want some comic relief, try the following folks. First, there is Peter of England's Youtube Channel. He's still at it, showing how the evil system is going to collapse any day now. Naturally he asks for donations and money for his web seminars. Strangely, no "Re"s are accepted, only worthless fiat money.

Another dim duo is the two guys behind the fake "common law court" -- whose last meeting (seriously) was in a pub between a Tesco and a bait-and-tackle shop, rather appropriately. They want 20,000 GBP. Why? To "fight the system", of course.

Here is the court's web page (they won all their cases against everybody, of course) and here is the qualoos! thread about their adventures. one of the two founders, Robert Sproul, explains everything on Youtube...

Yet the  two blokes who established this "court", Sproul and Smith, despite declare right on its website its decisions are "final and not subject to appeal" (so there!) are on trial for extortion, having tried to "collect" million in their court's "judgments" from people they dislike by sending them threatening letters. Amazingly enough, that didn't work. 

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